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I cherish EVERYTHING about the Holidays - our fancy dresses we get to pull out once a year, sipping wintery cocktails, Michael Bublé Christmas songs (retweet), festive open houses, warm hugs and reconnecting with those you wish you could see more often. Seasonal gatherings and celebrating friendships just seems easier and more effortless; as though it takes precedence between this month. It seems The Season sheds a warm and humble light on these seemingly ordinary activities allowing us to engage and reconnect sans stress or agenda. I adore how December brings about more opportunities to see our friends and family as we rendezvous for breakfasts, lunches and holiday toddies. More often, the laugher is louder, the fellowship genuine and our hearts more giving. Friendship

I love when my eyes rest on that perfect treasure for my friend or loved one. How exciting it is to watch them peel back the wrapping. My favorite privilege, still, is waking at the first pin drop of a stir on Christmas morn and settling in close to my family and watching Wills and Kate (now 14 and 15) dive into Santa’s offerings. Gathering in wonderment together as they tend to do (on occasions now fewer and farther between) as children once again in our living room, under our familiar tree, unwrapping a few surprises - with the same fascination and magic in their hearts. Giving

I am still held captive by the traditions these precious weeks hold….family dinners, game nights, movies, Christmas Eve services and intimate get-togethers. I so appreciate sitting in the family room at night admiring our tree filled with 17 years of ornaments. The photos, plaster painted handprints, vacation souvenirs, spheres of paper mâché, baby firsts and beloved pet remembrances; a family tapestry of symbols defining who and what we are. Oh the excitement, they try to hide, as they pull out treasured Christmas trinkets from years past and chattering together about the disasters, mishaps, and favorite stories of our holidays that came before.  Sadly, this year held some “last moments” in our household that started with Wills’ last school holiday concert before moving on to high school. There was not a dry eye among us eighth grade moms who still remember them altogether on that same stage when they were but three years old; lifelong friendships built through the common thread of love for our children and each other. I love having my babies snug in their warm beds in our home, all-together sleeping in over break and hearing the rattles in the kitchen and the blare of the Xbox (yes…I said it). I’ll take it all day every day; all of it - Every bit.  Love

I so appreciate that in the midst of this magical season of both simple traditions and excesses in giving, all of these memories of the people and things that ARE the reasons for such happiness this time of year. I am grateful for my wonderful family, each and every beloved friend and my amazing growing list of clients - all of whom have made this journey worth it.  For this I am forever grateful to you. Gratitude

May the Season be kind and joyous as you treasure your time honored traditions and make new ones with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!